The Mini-Manifest Yearly Journal

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The Mini-Manifest is a 4.25" x 4"in Bullet Yearbook Journal. Making it I believe the smallest journal of its kind on the market. It was an important aspect, hence the name, to keep it small, so this could carried on ones person from day to day for reference.

Use it to track your Yearly Life Progress through personal reflection, growth, memories, thoughts & feelings, affirmations, and manifesting.

Ppl You Love Who Co-Sign Journaling/Manifesting:

>Rob Dyrdek has spoken on a podcast about how he documents everyday of his life and grades his days and how he feels, his goals and manifestations.

>Joey Diaz has been on a run lately trying to inspire people to shift their mindset to achieve the life they desire, he consistently cites journaling and manifesting.

>Matthew McConaughey created a journal of his own called green lights, he adamantly believes in the power of journaling for many different reasons, watch his promo videos for green lights.

>Tom Holland has everything he ever wanted in life, because he manifested it, look up on YouTube "Tom Holland manifestation" and you will see what I mean.

The Journal Includes;

Gratitude Spread: Be detailed as possible and list everything you are grateful for, family, friends, significant other, shelter, food, phone, tv, internet, money, job, car, heating/a/c, pizza rolls, EVERYTHING you can! Look back on this from day to day to remind yourself of what you have! and why you do what you do. and acknowledge many do not have a fraction of what you have, practice gratitude through perspective to live a more fulfilling and happy life.

Goals Spread: List all your goals, your needs and wants, what you want your life to look like.

Plan Spread: Chart out your plan by quarters of the year to achieve the goals you laid out on the previous spread.

Habits Spread: Plot out the habits you want to form to be able to live the life you want!

Habit Tracker Spread: They say it takes 66 days to form a habit, use the habit tracker to track 1 or multiple habits your trying to form, being able to cross off a box actually helps.

12 Month Spreads: Document the key moments from a month to month basis, provides an amazing timeline of your year to look back on!

Year In Review Spread x2: Reflect on your year! Really analyze and grade your feelings about what you accomplished.

Moving Forward Spread: Look into the future, make a decision on what you want it to look like for you.

Be The Change Spread: Remember that action speaks louder than words. Practice what you preach and what you want to see.

PLURE Page: A good mantra to live your life by, keep it close for a reminder.

Gratitude Through Perspective Page: Learn a major key of manifesting, rewire your mindset by discovering the power of gratitude through perspective.

Power of Positivity Spread: Learn a major key of manifesting, rewire your mindset by discovering the power of positivity.

Negative Space Spread: Don't shy from the negative, explore it, meaningfully. 

Am I good Enough Spread: Reassure yourself when your feeling low self-esteem.

Prompts Spread x2: Use these recommendations for inspiration on how to use the mini manifest to its full potential.

Spirit Science Spread: A breakdown of the scale of consciousnesses, chakras, and hierarchy of needs. 

Notes Spread x2: Keep important notes over the year!

Sign My Yearbook Spread x3: Just like we are back in school! Let friends and family leave you messages in the back of your year book!

About Mini-Manifest/Resources Spread: Find out more about why I made this journal and gain access to an incredibly powerful resource I have curated.


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