Project Official w/new Mix Project Official w/new Mix

I had the amazing privilege of seeing pretty lights on their return tour in san fran with my best friends. It was just what my soul needed. I feel refreshed and my creativity has been soaring ever since, there's something special about the energy that cultivates in this scene.

At some point my buddy says why haven't we ever tried djng. Good Question.

I guess I have in a couple of ways, back in elementary school I applied to be the DJ for junior Achievement city, aced the interview, and sure enough got to be the DJ lol. That shit was fun.

There was this party I was at where me and some homies were playing DJ, and like it was just really fun picking songs and looking to the crowd for the reaction and vibe.

I love searching for dope art, and sharing it in all forms, when I play a song and it makes someone feel something and they ask for the ID, you know how good that feels, to be like a facilitator of connection. Its why I have always taken my curation as seriously as my creation.

I also love making curated playlists on spotify. Setting vibes is just a good time, its like playing god or something. Must be why creating is so intoxicating.

Any who, you know anytime we start a new project you know we gotta come up with a name and logo, cuz I'm a designer and I love branding. Enter, sort of a double entendre, "Dopely Faded Music" and "Dopely Frequency Modulation". We will release mixes and edm experiments under this name.

First mix is a toe dip, nothing fancy, essentially one of my Spotify playlists, tracks just fading into each other. Next project will have more production, messing with eqs, levels, and other effects. · End of the World For the First Time Again Mix
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