Advocacy & Awareness

I want to thank everyone who has supported this brand... community driven growth is essential for counter culture brands, they wont let us advertise in most traditional places, which makes everything harder, and seem a bit unfair... but that's what this brand is all about, yes I wanna make cool clothes, but more than that, I want to end the negative stigma, and spread positive factual messaging to combat the countless misconceptions that still remain today from the fallout of reefer madness... I want to be a small part of the bigger movement to help move this medicine into the mainstream and wide acceptance, much progress has been made over the years in this regard, but there's so much further to go. I hope you embark on this journey with us. -Dopely Faded

We are committed to fighting the good fight and support the orgs below:

NORML - Working to reform marijuana laws

National Cannabis Industry Association logo