New Era of Dopely Diverse

New Era of Dopely Diverse

You may have noticed, I have rebranded the Dopely Threaded site into the Dopely Diverse site as I am now offering products under all divisions and continuing the brand with a refreshed focused vision. 

We have given 3 Divisions new logos for legal reasons. I really like the new look of everything.

Speaking of Divisions, we are doing some restructuring. We got a lil spread out, unfocused, and had Divisions all over the place lol.

Dopely Photod & VidTripz will both lose Division Status and be moved under DopeArtGuy designated as projects or categories. 

Dopely Documented is no longer a Division but a channel on the newly Formed EvTv Network on YouTube.

Any Creative Writing no matter the format will be released under Dopely Faded/Evan Beale. Dopely Scripted has been dissolved. 

Dopely Pinned will lose division status and instead be a collection under Dopely Threaded, this collection will have sourced pins as well as my own custom pins.

DopeVibez will lose division status and be designated a project under Dopely Enlightened.

So if I'm not mistaken, that leaves us with, Dopely Faded, DopeArtGuy, Dopely Threaded, Dopely Enlightened, and Dopely Psychedelic.

5 Divisions! Much better than the bloated 11!

I am very excited for the future and have much dopeness planned! Please subscribe to the site if you haven't already, I appreciate yall more than you ever know. More rollout to come soon...

-Dopely Faded

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