About Dopely Diverse

Dopely Diverse is a Premiere, High-End, All-Media Entertainment Conglomerate with multiple Divisions all serving as the artistic expression of Dopely Faded.

Dopely Faded is a way of life, my alter-ego, pen name, and gamer tag.

All my creative writings; poems, short stories, books, manifestos, scripts, comics, what have yous are under the Dopely Faded name.

DopeArtGuy is my art page.  Expressing my experience through multiple mediums, including but not limited to; explorations, analog, digital, paint, photography. Home to all my art projects. Color Vibez, Color Dripz, Vid Tripz Capture The Moment, etc.

Dopely Threaded is the clothing & accessories division that focuses on Counter Culture Advocacy while spreading awareness in a fashionable way. Dope Threads, Threads that are dope, man.

Dopely Threaded began by slanging heat pressed t-shirts out of a trunk.

Here we are all these years later, still slanging out the trunk, but with the help of the internet we have been able to bring the brand to the masses.

Making dope fashion has always been a passion.

But Dopely Threaded is so much more than that. 

Our goal is to end the negative stigma, and spread positive factual messaging to combat the countless misconceptions that still remain today from the fallout of reefer madness... we want to be a small part of the bigger movement to help move this medicine into the mainstream and wide acceptance.

Dopely Enlightened, is Here to Enlighten You With Alternative Perspectives on a Wide Range of Topics including; Religion, Spirituality, Drugs, the Universe, Life, Death, Conspiracies, and Anything in Between.

The Goal is to Present Interesting Content and Drive the Progression of Thought, to Get You Thinking and Asking Questions, Because Only After One Questions Everything and Seeks Out the Answers May One Become Dopely Enlightened. 


This division is all about self-improvement through reflection, gratitude, perspective, Peace Love Unity Respect Empathy lifestyle, meditation, seeking knowledge and all sorts of other stuff. I have always been interested in pretty much everything really, explore with me on the dashboard.

Dopely Psychedelic is a top secret divison. Only those with top clearance can access.

DopeVibez is a project devoted to giving back. It serves as my charity fund. I donate to people in need, marijuana advocacy organizations, environmental clean up projects, and anti-goverment waste groups.

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